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19-Jun-2015 12:04

He held regular sit-in protests in Harare’s Africa Unity Square and the movement he started has garnered more than 10,000 likes on its Facebook page.Dzamara received the backing of Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe’s main opposition leader and ex-prime minister who has challenged Mugabe at several elections.In it, a masked figure sits with their hands bound behind their back against a black backdrop in an undisclosed location.Patson says he is “100 percent” sure that the image is legitimate, but was not able to independently confirm its authenticity.In 2014, he personally delivered a petition to the president’s office demanding that Mugabe resign, an action that made him a target for several beatings by security forces.

Protesters march to mark the one-year anniversary of the disappearance of Zimbabwean activist Itai Dzamara in Harare, March 9.Dzamara was abducted in March 2015 and his family believes the state may have played a role in him going missing.“That picture gave me hope that maybe my husband is still alive and maybe he’ll be released soon,” she tells .A journalist and opposition campaigner, Dzamara, 36, wanted to mobilize young Zimbabweans against what he saw as the deplorable state of governance in the country, which Mugabe has ruled imperiously since independence in 1980.

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After more than a year of silence from the government, a single, grainy photo has brought the case back into the national consciousness.

Dzamara’s brother, Patson Dzamara, claims the photo, which he says he got from someone within Zimbabwe’s state security apparatus, shows the activist in detention.