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But that has not stopped the relentless gossip site, The Fame Driven, from continuing its assault on the notion of Rodgers’ heterosexuality.

Last week, the site posted a series of tweets to Rodgers from the Twitter account of Kevin Lanflisi, his long-time “roommate” and personal assistant.

A new thread to continue the never-ending discusion of the stunningly beautiful, talented, and sadly glass-closeted actor, who is an amazingly nice guy, and who has the most amazing nipples on any actor alive today.... Of course, Bomer was never really asked those type of questions in interviews. The live show with the most amount of man love I have ever seen and I missed it. He rewarded his followers by doing a bungee jump wearinf only some leaves (and presumably a pouch of some sort).r48, I think Shawn is the bottom, but not bossy. Jack and Finn even decided to go to Ibiza because it was raining in London, lol. I think the reason I like the British youtubers (the crew) is because they seem like friends.. my gaydar is going off like crazy, but then again.. I think Colty is dying to get out of the closet, taking a picture with ricky martin is almost like a cry for help. Holland definitely has to fight Tyler Posey for "Colton Haynes Next Fag Hag", especially after the VMA when Tyler said he's wearing Colton (lol).

Colton Haynes does actively try to give the impression of being straight, short of having fake girlfriends. Jack has since gone on to be a bit of a youtube sensation. I think their parents are pretty famous, and have worked on movies and stuff according to wiki. The lift prank and unicycle prank are some of the most hilarious things I've ever seen. These tween girls won't believe he's gay until the sex tapes are leaked.

It’s no surprise Packers QB Aaron (“I really, really like women”) Rodgers made a point of coming out publicly as emphatically “not gay” last Tuesday, six days before facing off against the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL playoffs at frigid Lambeau field in Wisconsin.

He needs every ounce of focus to fend off the 49ers defense, which features a bruising pass rush.

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The amount of time they spend hanging out with him and each other is impressive. Poor Colton's older sister has multiple melanoma according to his twitter. Colton tweeted a link to a page where people can donate to help his family pay for the medical bills, so they must be struggling. ) show, so he isn't just living off his parents, he has done stuff himself. Colton deleted that tweet to erase any suggestion that he had "enjoyed" Ricky or expressed any admiration, and this afternoon replied to the same Ricky tweet with "Thx bud, Congrats!Still don't understand why Michael Gleicher is there.[quote]Gosh you sad old trolls are tiresome. Maybe he's staying in the closet to try and get big film roles to make a lot of money to help her with her medical bills? So Colton could think that by being closeted, he might get more high profile film roles that pay more money, and he could help his sister. I also find his closetedness pathetic at this point, and the interviews he gives(particularly the infamous Secrest interview)to be REALLY unatrractive and gross. "Having read the comments here on DL, Colton wanted to "straighten" out his reply? I know gay guys can comment on girls being pretty, that's not the point here.