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If you have expertise in IQ Test and EQ Test and your own website and/or product for this topic, please review this form for complete details.Reading a road map upside-down and generating synonyms for the word "brilliant" are two very different skills.Flower essences are very safe to take if you wish to experiment on your own. If you dose yourself with an essence that does not address your concern it will simply pass through your system like pure water. Listed here are some special formulas of essences that might interest you.Take Another Quiz: Visit Quiz Central Pretty good result!But each is a measurable indicator of general intelligence, a construct that includes problem solving abilities, spatial manipulation and language acquisition.Vibrational medicine is a term involving living remedies such as flowers and plants (which includes herbal medicine, aromatherapy, and flower essence therapy), crystals and gemstones, light and color, and healing sound. They can address issues on many different levels: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual.However, they really shine when they are intended to address emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. Edward Bach wore many hats while practicing the healing arts in the medical community in England. His interests included vaccines, homeopathy, and natural remedies in general.But that's okay, this just means you are in the beginning stages of becoming more aware of the wonder of flowers and their healing properties.

Flower essences can be applied in all of the responses given in this quiz question.In addition to using an eye dropper for dosaging, flower essences can also be sprayed onto the skin or into the mouth.. You excel at understanding what flower essences are and how they work as a therapy to heal issues and bring about balance.You are not a novice when it comes to flower essence therapy, but there is still room for you to expand your knowledge. Take Another Quiz: Visit Quiz Central Welcome to the world of flower essence therapy.You were able to answer less than half the questions asked correctly. hopefully just by taking the quiz it has helped you become more knowledgable on this healing subject.

Here are some article about flower essence therapy for you to explore further.Take Another Quiz: Visit Quiz Central Obviously you are new to flower essences.