Yahoo on line dating

28-Oct-2015 15:35

If Yahoo made a dating profile, it might look something like: "Older digital media property seeks even older legacy media company for diversification, vertical integration and mobile audience growth.

Must love cats." Yahoo may not be the newest or the hippest online destination, but it's still one of the biggest.

While cable and telecom companies may not be that well versed in the Internet and its love of cats, Yahoo still reaches about 205 million people per month online, according to com Score.

That audience has value despite Yahoo's broader struggles, including concerns that the parts of its "core business" that would be sold off have been valued at effectively zero for some time.

"I think it's really suffered tremendously from a lack of clear strategy while other firms around them have sort of put their stakes in the ground." Mc Grath noted that Yahoo's massive audience, when coupled with a company that is looking to bolster is digital traffic, is quite appealing. So why would a struggling magazine company want to take on a struggling digital magazine company? Time has only been a standalone company for a couple years, having been spun off from Time Warner in June 2014.

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Yahoo is reportedly already starting to contact possible suitors just days after the company announced that it was bringing in outside advisors to push forward with a sale.

The question now becomes, since Yahoo has pushed off a sale for so long, are there any suitors left?