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15-Jun-2016 10:19

Even though it is a medium-sized private Christian company, do I have any rights when it comes to being cornered by this guy or my job security? although whether they’ll help you in practice, and to what extent, is a different issue.

It’s illegal for your employer to subject you to religious harassment or religious discrimination.

But recently a coworker of mine was asked by him if he could lead her in prayer and then he proceeded to ask her questions concerning her salvation.

I was totally fine with this, despite being agnostic.So theoretically, you have plenty of standing to push back against this, if you want to.I worry every time I see him that he will try to initialize the same conversation with me which I have absolutely no interest in.I feel it is a huge invasion of privacy to ask anyone what they believe, but to be subjected to it at work, do I now need to worry that if I do say what I really feel I can be fired for it?

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The company I work for is privately owned with about 500 employees.I’ve worked here for six years and I am fully aware that the owner is Christian and claims his company to be a Christian company.

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