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He is not known to have been justice of the peace in Kent, although he had a year as sheriff and he was named to a commission of sewers.6In these years, however, Wyatt was much abroad, returning home on visits in 15 and for good in May 1540.At one point it was rumoured that Wyatt would die with her other alleged lovers, but probably it was never intended that he should be more than a reserve witness against her.On 10 May Cromwell wrote a reassuring letter to Sir Henry Wyatt, who in June received his son home at Allington, advising him—so he assured Cromwell—to obey the King and treat the minister as a father, although both Sir Henry, and Thomas himself after the event, considered that his fault lay less in disobeying human authority than in flouting the law of God.5Cromwell did much for Wyatt in the next few years when he was in need of friends.Although not ostracized by the King, whom later in 1536 he was called on to attend and to support with men against the rebels in the north, Wyatt never rose to high office or wielded power in England.

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According to Nicholas Harpsfield it was believed that Anne had been Wyatt’s mistress and that Wyatt had confessed as much to Henry VIII, who although taken aback had merely bound him to secrecy.

The story receives some colour from Wyatt’s sudden imprisonment in May 1536 when Anne’s infidelities were officially proclaimed.

1530; sewer extraordinary by 1533; sheriff, Kent 1536-7; ambassador to the Emperor 1537-40; Councillor by 1540-; commr.

Early in 1526 he accompanied Sir Thomas Cheyne on an embassy to France, returning briefly to England in May with letters to the King and Wolsey, which he supplemented from his own observations, and a commendation from Cheyne.

1542.3Sir Henry Wyatt was treasurer of the chamber and his son, after taking a degree at Cambridge, began his career in the royal household whence he quickly moved into diplomacy. 1536.2Esquire of the body by 1524; clerk of the King’s jewels 21 Oct. sewers, Kent 1540; steward, manor of Maidstone, Kent Mar.

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