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“I’m not looking for a pen pal or a texting buddy,” and she is selective about who gets her phone number: “four men in four months on one site, one man in three weeks on another.” Take a deep breath: Miles says she has been floored a couple of times by men who have quickly sent nude photos of themselves and asked her to respond in kind. “Basically, I was ending up dating in the same social circle and wanted to get out of the box—even geographically,” says Layman, who has been internet dating for 11 years. Half of the intent here is to meet new people, not going back to the same wells over and over.” One of his dates was a nice young woman “who had just come from her job at Red Lobster. That was not the most positive experience.” He says that “one of the drawbacks with online dating is repetition.

He has dated women as far out as Blacksburg and Lynchburg and doesn’t mind those distances. You start to see the same tropes over and over and it can turn you off a lot quicker than normal. Two have ended up in relationships and we’re still on good terms.

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I can’t tell you how many women I’ve seen use the phrase ‘fluent in sarcasm’ on to the point where I immediately swipe left.” Clark’s goal is clear: “I’ve had lots of dates. “It’s like the real world in that a bunch of guys send messages hoping for a reply. If females are bombed with 8, 9, 10 messages a day, some inappropriate, it’s the real world.Douchebags ruin it for the rest of us.” Money matters.

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