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Play song: 100 Years by Five For Fighting (album: Battle For Everything) HANDSHAKING: Before students come into the room, ask one student to refuse to shake hands with anyone in class today, no matter what you say.Tell the students that you would like them to mingle for a few minutes and shake hands with at least three other people in the classroom.Then ask all the students who had shaken hands with any of them to stand.Repeat this procedure until all the infected students are standing.Explain to the students that this is the same pattern by which STDs are spread. Remember, when you have sex with someone, you are having sex with everyone with whom they have had sex.Draw a line from one end to the other--a straight, long line. Mark out the years by 5's to about the age of 95, because that is how long the average American 16 year-old of today is expected to live. If they don't plan for their future, it will be lost.Now, above the line about where age four would be, write: infancy & toddler. Sexually active teenagers stand the risk of becoming pregnant or becoming a father at an early age, not getting the education he/she needs, and the very real threat of spending those 70 years living in a cheap basement apartment, trailer, or depending upon relatives for the rest of their lives.

Hold up a dirty, used, gross toothbrush and a brand new toothbrush still in the package.

Ask the class which toothbrush they would rather use.