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When asked about his favorite “” relationship, Glitch quickly dismisses Anakin and Padme (“he wound up killing her so that’s probably a bad one”).# "I really like the Han and Leia relationship you see in the movie,” he says, “where Han is kind of cocky and she’s like: Who gives a s—?She’s not impressed by him, but she is enamored by him.“Tolerance is not the same as the acceptance,” Glitch points out.A little birdie in a tree tells me that in the TLC show “Geek Love” there is someone suspiciously Nella-like in the background of one of the NY Comic Con speed dating sessions.“They had me do it for them and it just kind of blew up,” he says. “She came up to me afterward and mentioned to me that she thought the host was funnier than the guys in it,” he says.“We started shooting the breeze online,” and they eventually became a couple.” fans who are looking for love in Alderaan places, Ryan Glitch has a solution: sci-fi speed-dating, which he hosts at Comic-Cons around the country.

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That’s one of the reasons they work.” Similarly, Glitch says his girlfriend is impressed by his one-liners and his wit — but they don’t blow her away.The Han and Leia love affair is reminder, Glitch says, to just be yourself in relationships. Glitch has dated “normal” (his word) women before, but they haven’t always been enthusiastic about his “” obsession.

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