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originally appeared on August 27, 2013 on the now-defunct website of Hartford Faith and Values.We have reproduced it here because of its significance to the history of FIC under Wolfgang’s leadership.As a child, Campbell bested her Sunday School teacher in a disagreement over women’s ordination and realized, in her words, that he “is trained in Bible, but I am schooled in rhetoric.” One wonders if Campbell knows the difference between being schooled in rhetoric and being merely argumentative.The last time I sparred with her it was over a blog post in which I expressed regret that might drop her column. But again, there are hints in that Campbell knows this about herself and might even recognize it as a fault.There is, unsurprisingly, no mention of my blog post in Campbell’s “About My Sources” section.

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Most of the people who disagree with me are reasonable about it) on Connecticut-based blogs.” and yet it’s not.The book inadvertently confirms that Campbell extrapolated her 1970’s Missouri hillbilly background onto 21st Century Connecticut in ways that don’t fit.