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I have found the man of my dreams, the love of my life and my forever partner all rolled into one. Well I've found someone who makes me laugh, and so much more. We are planning on living together as soon as we can arrange the practicalities and we are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together. Note: This advice is given by the CAP Executive about non-broadcast advertising. It does not bind CAP, CAP advisory panels or the Advertising Standards Authority.Recent years have seen a proliferation of online dating websites, and inevitably there have been a number of complaints to the ASA about advertising for these services.We're one of the oldest and best-known dating communities on the web, and we have a unique, and very popular, secret weapon our intelligent two-way matching feature.We have helped thousands of people meet women and men alike, and launched thousands of happy and lasting relationships. Join Telegraph Dating now and let us help you find that special someone. Never would have believed I could be so lucky, or if a dating site would work for me.

Telegraph Dating is an online dating service that will help you find women and men like you.For example, a dating site that gave the impression it was for Catholic people looking to meet others with the same faith, when in fact it was open to other users as well, was found to be misleading (Inch by Inch Ltd, 13 August 2014).The ASA upheld a similar complaint regarding a vegetarian dating website in 2011, where it found that the advertisers were using a database shared by several non-vegetarian websites (uk, 28 September 2011).Untargeted ads that featured images such as a woman's legs with thong knickers pulled down to around her knees and a woman in a provocative pose that focused on her cleavage have been found irresponsible and likely to cause serious or widespread offence.

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Below we’ve highlighted some key issues to bear in mind when promoting dating services.

Consumers are often searching for people who share their views and values; advertisers should not take advantage of this by implying that websites are only open to specific groups or those with certain interests if they are not.