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28-Aug-2015 02:32

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Without client-side targeting, you could deploy one master GPO policy that tells all computers to use a particular WSUS server, and then periodically assign newly build servers to WSUS computer groups manually using WSUS administration console.

There is really no right or wrong answer here, either way works.

Reason is simple – you are targeting different computer objects for assignment to different WSUS computer groups.

You could use security group filtering to limit scope of a particular GPO to a specific set of servers/computers, but best practice is to use OUs, as it should prove to be easier to troubleshoot.

In short, don’t expect to see computer objects in the WSUS console right away, don’t expect to see status reports right away after the first call by a new computer into WSUS, etc.

On a brand new WSUS installation it will take a day for the servers to show up and the system to fully sync.

That’s normal, but there are ways to speed things up when it is required: Or simply wait for a day.

If you have master/replica WSUS servers, create WSUS computer groups on the master server – replica will replicate them down, and also replicate computer assignments in both directions (depending on which WSUS server received a call from a particular client).

The benefit of doing this is that you don’t need to go into the WSUS console and drag a newly built server into its proper WSUS group.

The downside of using client-side targeting is that you will need to create more GPO objects, to configure different target groups for different OUs/computer objects.

One of the approaches in setting up an OU structure for CST is to split Servers OU into sub-OUs, such as Hypervisors, Critical Servers, Staging Servers, Exchange Servers, etc.

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If your servers don’t end up in the right group and you end up reconfiguring group policy to retarget them into a different WSUS group, it may take hours for the computer to move within WSUS console – use wuauclt /detectnow /resetauthorization command to accelerate this and then don’t forget to synchronize any replicas with the master, so they have a consistent picture of computer assignments.When you use CST, inherently there will be more GPO policies and potentially more OUs.