Wow beta updating setup files

23-Dec-2014 22:42

Here is the latest OS X build: GLtron-0.72-beta-7New features include: Your feedback is appreciated!Well, I got my first build to compile and run (sort of).Since OS X is my main development platform now, I'll publish beta versions for this platform first (Keith Kaisershot VRTron has agreed to help with the win32 version, so of course there will be a Windows port eventually).Announcements will be on Twitter and sometimes here as well.It looks kinda funny and there's still loads of graphics stuff hidden inside #ifndef OPENGL_ES ...

Or more exactly, by all the games that where inspired by the movie TRON. The goal is to force the other players to drive into a wall. I'm determined to continue working on GLtron from time to time for a while, at least until I can play some of you guys online! Tell me what you like, and more important, what you don't like and what you want added to the game. Another beta is available here: GLtron-0.72-beta-8Changes: So I picked the project up again.

On a unrelated note, no windows maintainer has been found yet.

Over the time, I improved it, released / announced / got feedback and released again. I added textures, I received a soundtrack, a lightcycle model, better textures, tons of ideas etc.

Now that you read so much about GLtron's history, you're probably curious what's it about.

The first version of GLtron (0.1) was written on a rainy afternoon in June 1998, as an exercise for the computer graphics course at the university. One year later I was cleaning up my /home directory a little bit, and stumbled across the sources.

I had recently discovered a website devoted to linux games called The Linux Game Tome.