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17-Mar-2016 10:15

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Then just a few months later we saw the worst terrorist attack in United States history. You know, the war we started to get Osama bin Ladin – only Bush never got him. Then don’t forget about the scandals like Abu Ghraib, Hurricane Katrina, the outing of a CIA official, veterans neglected at the Walter Reed hospital, Medicare Part D and a host of other scandals that plagued the Bush administration’s eight years.

We can’t forget about the Iraq War and all of the weapons of mass destruction that we didn’t find. Only 4,487 Americans died fighting a war that was based on lies. But I wanted to get up to 2008, just as Bush was leaving office.

The human mind fascinates me with the way it recalls past events in our lives. People who complain now about how “terrible” President Obama has been, or that he’s the “worst president in history,” clearly have a distorted memory of the Bush presidency. But most of it is the fact that upon his election in 2008, the GOP essentially crafted their strategy of opposing he supports.

Part of that is his fault, part of that is the unrealistic expectations many of us had for him when he was elected in 2008.

Then came September when the bottom officially started falling out. We lost jobs And let’s not forget he had just bailed out Wall Street, the American auto industry was on the verge of collapse, our deficits were out of control, our national debt was almost double what it was when he took office, the stock market was plummeting, millions of Americans were losing their homes and unemployment was skyrocketing out of control.

Then let’s also not forget that we were still engulfed in two wars.

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That summer, just before the entire economy officially collapsed, oil had hit its all-time high of 7 per barrel (right now it fluctuates between -105 on average throughout the year).

While gas prices aren’t cheap now, our country had never seen prices well over per gallon like most of the country experienced that summer.

A plan that was solidified when liberals allowed conservative voters to give Republicans control over the House of Representatives in 2010.

That was precisely the weapon they needed to block anything and practically everything.

But while conservatives often like to claim that President Obama is the “worst president in history,” I thought I’d remind them, and everyone else, of just how bad things were under George W. Was his election not a foreshadowing of how terrible things would be in the next 4 years?For the first time we “elected” a president who lost the popular vote.