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23-Jul-2015 18:56

Farida is a strong young woman with a loud voice, thin lips and a prominent nose.

She remembers the girls wept — and the men laughed. The men would come into the large room to pay an ISIS official and then take away one or two or three girls each. "They were very happy." Farida recognized two of the men in the video, one with long hair and a man sitting next to him on a couch. It was "I see this and I don't think of my case, I think of all the girls, because they would do everything to them," she said.

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Farida ended up in Raqqa, where she was sold as a concubine. They told us to convert (to Islam), but we wouldn't," Hweida said in a halting voice. "They took us to the school in the village and separated the men.

Over the course of the next several months she was raped, beaten and starved. Then they took us away." Hweida also ended up in Raqqa, where she was bought by a 50-year-old ISIS militant.

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