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30-Nov-2014 16:52

In other words, you may actually be kind of more secure by having the older operating system that the malware authors aren’t paying attention to either.

So, ultimately, given what you’ve described – the fact that you’re really not doing that much with your machine and that you’re using an Ubuntu DVD to do your online banking – I think you’re in a pretty good situation and I’m not sure that there’s much I would change.

The catch is how long will good anti-malware tools continue to support XP? The other factor is that as XP declines in market share, the actual authors of malware are now focusing their efforts and their attentions on things like Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Those types of malware may not even apply to Windows XP anymore.

Lots of people on the web think that when support for XP SP3 ends, the OS will no longer work. And I ran several scans before I burned the thing last year. The only thing that happens when support ends is that bug fixes, patches, vulnerability fixes, and so forth will no longer be made available. You just will no longer get any important or even unimportant security updates. There’s really no harm in continuing to run Windows XP with the exception of what we refer to as “unpatched vulnerabilities.” What that means is somebody discovers a bug in the software that could be somehow exploited by malware writers to insert or cause malware to be installed on your machine.

If I’m correct, patches will end like they did before (Windows 98). Should I rush out and get a new HP compact tower before they’re no longer made? If you’re running Windows XP past the security date, that unpatched vulnerability will remain forever unpatched.

So what is the harm in me continuing to use this old machine with viruses and spyware? In other words, you will always be vulnerable to any malware that might want to take advantage of that.

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