Wife dating another man

08-May-2016 18:12

In the end she had realised I gussed somthing was up and then she dropped the Bomb Shell!!!!She told me that she had met a self made millionaire over the internet called "Dan" and she thought she loved him, despite us only being married for 2 months.So we got married and things where going well, I had married my one true love, the only women I could ever imagine being with.Then all of a sudden I started to the feeling that my wife was growing distant and was staying up late on the internet, and hiding her phone which was out of charater.star has been married to Kody Brown for two decades, but has reportedly decided that it’s time to branch out on her own.All four of Kody’s sister wives — Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn — are reportedly livid because he’s courting a fifth (and maybe sixth) wife, but Meri’s allegedly the only person who’s seriously doing something about it. There was no man named Sam, just some rando wanting to talk to the woman from ! She’s not the only person in the family who’s having issues with Kody, though.

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She’s allegedly leaving him, according to a source who spoke to ! Meri is still spiritually married to Kody, but she has allegedly started dating a man who lives in Hawaii. Meri has wanted to leave for the past year and a half,” the source told the magazine. Meri already famously had an online affair with a man named Sam in 2015, and got caught red-handed. Everyone is unhappy, according to the source, and “emotionally distant” from their husband.

This relationship has to be pretty hot, considering she lives with her huge family in Nevada! Kody and the wives have sought out family therapy for their relationship problems, to the point where they reportedly bring a therapist with them wherever they’re filming or traveling. Hollywood Lifers, do you think Meri will leave Kody?

I completly broke down, i was signed off from work for a week, i was seriously considering taking my own life, I was just a complete reck.

Eventually after going to the doctors a few times and my wife moving out I started to feel like I could cope with the whole thing.

Hi All, I was reading "cherrybaby's" post and thought what I was going through at the moment is similar but from the other sides point of view, i.e. So in the end she surprised me and had arranged to get married at Gretna Green, it was a really nice surprise, an amazing day.

I met my wife 7 years ago, we have had ups and downs like everyone else, we got engadged 3 years ago and my wife was pushing me for a date to get married.

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