Wiccan dating canada

02-Apr-2016 20:25

)0(We have surpassed 2000 and are still growing every day. Blessed be )0(Soooo, the group has well over 750 wonderful people now!

If you wish to be added kindly find the closed group with the name as this one and send an add request.

Aaaanyway, the group is like family and I love my family. )0(We have surpassed 2700 and are climbing rapidly. There have been over 15 couples made so far and one marriage with several others planned. )0(The last time I posted was a while ago so I'm posting again. Most of you are in the group, but for those of you who are not, feel free to leave feedback on anything you'd like to see here. If anyone wishes to join the group, there are currently 26 members as it is still new.My group is a family and only serious people need send an add request to https:// Thank you and blessed be. I am so blessed to be apart of this it's incredible. If everyone would spread the word we could reach more people.