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In the past two years, cable providers, including Time Warner, Charter, and, soon, Comcast, have added their own streaming services, and dozens of new TV shows, on Roku, making the platform even more of a one-stop shop for television.Meanwhile, smart-TV makers such as Sharp, Insignia, and Hisense have installed Roku’s in the back ends of their products, giving users access to Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu, and more.As it introduces its next generation of TV sticks and players this fall, the country’s most popular enabler of cord cutting is already thinking beyond set-top boxes. But behind the scenes, the hardware maker is steadily becoming more of a streaming platform, an interesting move considering Roku’s origins as a Netflix spin-out in 2008. streaming-device market, ahead of Google and Amazon.The vast majority of 23and Me’s 1.2 million customers, who sign up for an at-home genetic test, agree to participate in research studies and surveys."We’re a level playing field for content providers to compete on." Challenges: Google’s Chromecast device is growing more powerful, thanks to full integration with its Chrome web browser and the release earlier this fall of a new 4K-enabled version of the device.Buzz: Positive This past August, with backing from Pfizer, researchers from 23and Me and Massachusetts General Hospital sent a ripple through the scientific community with the announcement that they had identified several genetic markers associated with depression, ending years of frustrated efforts to locate the genetic risks for the pervasive mental illness.And with 10.6 million subscribers across cable, TV, and devices, Roku can sell valuable demographic data to advertisers and marketers eager to reach cord cutters.

"We’re hoping to enable a kind of research that has never been done." The Silicon Valley company has come a long way since 2013, when federal regulators ordered Wojcicki and her team to stop marketing its at-home genomics service.

Today, it is working closely with the Food and Drug Administration to share select genetic-derived health reports directly with consumers—without a doctor’s note.