Whos tila tequila dating updating block in autocad

02-Jul-2016 22:55

, a dating show where men and women competed for Tila’s attention and affection.She invited thousands of people to join the site, helping My Space make its mark just as she was making hers.And the structure of My Space helped her gain fans – since Nguyen was one of the most popular and oldest members of the network, she often automatically appeared in random people’s “Top Friends” during the early days of the site.I initially looked into Tila as a potential “Where are they now?” story, but she doesn’t have the kind of nod-inducing, semi-appropriate, quasi-obsolescence we enjoy seeing from our faded stars; she got famous enough to suffer the kind of negative press and scrutiny that drives starlets to the edge, but not famous enough that people still care.

It feels a little dirty to write about Tila Tequila.

After enjoying a period of unprecedented Internet celebrity, she’s had a hard time.