Who was ben affleck dating in 2016

07-Nov-2015 07:39

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This pretty much explains her bikini-clad photos on Instagram and the steps she takes to feed the paparazzi to keep them reporting about her vacations or anything related to her.

The news outlet also states that Hudson is famous for being a serial dater.Moreover, she can go to any extent to keep the limelight on her.She was in a cheeky mood, because when they started pestering her about her love life, she joked that she’s with Brad Pitt Full Story The last film Ben Affleck directed was Argo. Live By Night is Ben’s next directorial feature, due out in January, although many believe that there will be a limited release in December to qualify for award season. Full Story The other big superhero team Warner Brothers/DC showed off at Comic-Con is the Justice League, with the debut of the first trailer for the movie.Full Story Duana and I kicked it old school when Harry Potter And The Cursed Child came out, lining up at midnight and rushing home to read it before dawn. Unlike Superhero Face Punch, which was teased for three years, this will be a relatively short wait, as Justice League—no longer “Part 1”—is due next year, in November.

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It is so, so dumb, and I won’t try to defend it as anything other than a hella dumb movie.

But it’s that special kind of stupid—a movie so ludicrously, delightfully dumb that it comes out the other side fun.

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