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The idea began soon after the New Year of 1991, when I got my hands on a pre-war Tricone metal body National to use as a sample. They started producing the tricones bodies beginning 1993-94. Family legend tells that in 1865, Kostantinos Stathopoulo left Kastania and journeyed to Magoula in the Eurotas valley to register the birth of his son, Anastasios. 5th Avenue The 5th Avenue is the first Godin Arch-top Acoustic designed with the modern player in mind.

As a gifted flautist, Tanaka has developed from early on during his flute studies with Toshio Takahashi a genuine interest in the sound qualities and technical aspects of his instrument As a flautist, the construction of the head joint became his first fascination. Pro Tools , - , , , 10- "Supernatural." Pro Tools: " , ". This capacity for variation manifests itself in two distinct ways, there is the purely visual variation such as, the lightning-bolt-shaped-pointy-headstock-you're-obviously-not-in-an-easy-listening-band guitar. Don't get us wrong, we are committed to high aesthetic values in all of our designs but what we find most compelling is the other type of variation inspired by the endless musical possibilities in guitar design.Thoroughly, he investigated all the factors influencing the sound of the instrument, since every cut, file stroke and material combination provoques a change of sound. Mbox Family Eleven Rack Pro Tools Plug-ins Cables Studio Mixing Systems ICON D-Control ES D-Command ES ICON Bundles ICON Plug-ins ICON Options Live Mixing Systems VENUE Product Family VENUE D-Show System VENUE Profile System VENUE Mix Rack VENUE SC48 VENUE D-Show Software VENUE Plug-ins Pro Studio Gear C|24 Command|8Epiphone is one of American's oldest and most revered instrument makers and since 1873, Epiphone has made instruments for every style of popular music. From designing a Nylon string guitar that can be played at stage volumes and feel comfortable to a primarily steel string player (Multiacs) to the creation of the multiple-voice instruments in our Signature Series, exploring new design possibilities is an integral part of what we do.and Takumi, he finally created his own flute in 1981, working patiently after hours in focused isolation. The name evokes both history and the spirit of invention. The Godin commitment to new guitar concepts is typified in the Glissentar which is so much of a variation on the standard guitar that it isn't even a guitar anymore and qualifies as a whole new instrument.His extensive experience as a flute maker and and his enthusiasm for the European flute manufacturing tradition (Böhm, Lot, Hammig etc.) merged in the developement of the ALTUS flute. Before long, ALTUS flutes have gained enourmous international recognition, and the increased demand enabled Tanaka to return to Japan creating his dream of his ownworkshop in the midst of the Japanese Alps in Azumino, near Matsumoto in 1990. Epiphone has been an audible (not to mention visible! The Glissentar project was not born out of a marketing meeting (i.e.) "Man, I bet if we built an eleven string fretless acoustic/electric we could sell a boatload of them." Instead the Glissentar was conceived because of the intriguing musical possibilities it promised and hearing some amazing Glissentar performances from musicians like Michel Cusson, Fareed Haque, and Sylvain Luc (to name a few) that deliver on that promise truly makes the exercise worthwhile.

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Tanakas affable collaboration and friendship with the London virtuoso William Bennett led to the invention of the Bennett-Scale giving ALTUS flutes their characteristic precise intonation. Ever since then, the ALTUS flute manufacturing team has provided flautists all over the world with flutes, that represent technically perfect masterpieces which allow for the maximum possible musical expression. Shuichi Tanaka a gifted flautist himself considers his instruments to be tools for greatest musical expression. ) presence in every great musical era from the mandolin craze of the early 1900s to jazz age guitars of the 1920s. The very first Set-Neck guitars in the Godin Guitar line-up have arrived..Godin ICON series!I took 2 guitars to the NAMM Show in January 1998 and made our first distribution agreement for the USA! During this time, the family established a store in Smyrna selling and repairing lutes, violins and bouzoukis. We also realized that the ability to produce quality product at an affordable price was only half the equation.