Who is zach levi dating

11-Apr-2015 03:40

to discuss the murders which haunt her to this day. I’m scared,” Robin Doan told the 911 dispatcher when she was finally able to stop playing dead and could call for help.

The then 10-year-old girl awoke to the sound of her mother screaming. Levi King had fired a shot from his AK-47 at her bed, but miraculously the bullet somehow missed the child. The sole survivor of the shooting lives every day with the sounds of her mother’s scream in her head, according to statements made by her aunt, Christ Powell, after the Levi King shooting.

She heard the footsteps stop at the next bedroom, the one belonging to her brother, Zach.More gunshots were heard by the 10-year-old girl, followed by a groan, and then silence once again. I think I’m the only one alive,” Doan said amid tears during the 911 call.