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Data Dumps are a downloadable version of the data in Freebase.

They constitute a snapshot of the data stored in Freebase and the Schema that structures it, and are provided under the same CC-BY license.

The object field may contain any characters, including commas (as well as any other reasonable delimiters you could think of).

Thanks to Chun How Tan and John Giannandrea for making this data release possible.

The data format is essentially CSV with one important caveat.

It may also include literal values like strings, booleans and numeric values. In order to make each triple fit on one line, we have escaped newlines with "\n".

We also provide a dump of triples that have been deleted from Freebase over time. In the future, we might consider providing periodic updates of recently deleted triples, but at the moment we have no specific timeframe for doing so, and are only providing this one-time dump.

Freebase foreign key namespaces are also used as predicates to make it easier to look up keys by namespace.The object field may contain a Freebase MID for an object or a human-readable ID for schema from Freebase or other RDF vocabularies.