Who is sean hayes dating

20-May-2016 01:12

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Welcome to Daily Entertainment We feed the hunger for pop culture content, covering Entertainment and celebrity breaking News, Hollywood Rumors, gossip, fashion, sports, wags, celebs photos, videos, wikis and bios.Meet Alix Tichelman, she is the high-end prostitute accused of injecting a lethal dose of heroine to Forrest Hayes, the Google executive who was found dead on his luxurious yacht in Santa Cruz.

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We also know what she did in the aftermath of this.Riopelle, passed away from a heart attack last year, he was allegedly dating Tichelman with whom he shared her monkey fetish.Her problems won’t stop there as she is being investigated for a similar death in another state.Probably, that similar death could be that of Dean Riopelle, the owner of The Masquerade in Atlanta.

Nine months passed before investigators could come out with the identity of the person responsible of the crime thanks to the video and her finger prints left on the glass, they could ID her, but catching her wasn’t easy.

We know they’ve had a previous relationship, they’ve shared time together before,’ Clark told KION.