Who is santigold dating

22-Nov-2014 00:40

Dating Naked, for all its cries of revolution and flapping dong, is actually a formulaic reality show. Last night’s contestants were pretty textbook — lovelorn, seeking connections forged in vulnerability, comfortable with exposing themselves, etc. J., a pro wrestler from Berkeley, California, who self-identifies as a Nickelback fan. While frolicking, junk in the breeze, giggles on the wind, there’s a sudden clap of lightning and the rain starts. They have a nice conversation and agree not to coerce each other into sex or romance. Everyone notices them; they have the power to join spirits, to divide hearts. Geographically, they are a match made in heaven and the magical island acknowledges this. Apparently this is just God’s way of saying: Please, Please stop. Liddy is a flake who wants permission to flake on plans with her S. whenever she feels like “painting” or “finding herself.” A. is too conventional; he wants to spend time with his romantic partner like a loser. It's Meg, the aforementioned sprite who reveals both a recent broken engagement, her pro status when it comes to handling peen, and, of course, her enormous breast implants. We also met Liddy, a little elfin fairy person from Oakland, California. She’s always doing every activity, as inspiration strikes. (I’m no expert, but Liddy might have ADD.) Who are they? They wish each other a better tomorrow and go to bed. Much like a naked adaptation of The Tempest, our two protagonists were seemingly guided by some mysterious magical force at work on this island of flesh. She is the proud owner of very large breast implants. They make her more money than little boobs, and, she reveals, they are magical. But both of these souls are from Northern California; they speak the same language without even having to say a word — they decide to do naked cartwheels in the grass as a “get to know you” activity. For a while, it seems like these two really might have a “genuine connection.” But over dinner, after a real heart-to-heart, it turns out their dating philosophies are incompatible. He puts on his cowboy hat, the one that makes him feel a little bit more confident, like Chad Kroeger, and goes to meet his second lady.

He’s also totally dead-eyed and is boasting a real gnarly tramp stamp on his lower back. After he’s shot down, rather than going to bed, he stands outside of Meg and A. AJ feels more like himself; he’s no longer consumed with thoughts of Meg. Again, as night falls, they were all taken over by the strange spell again, thanks to Meg.

On the other side of the island, Liddy meets her suitor, Joe. He’s yet to find a girl who isn’t “batshit crazy,” “doesn’t have five kids” or a baby daddy in prison. and shows off her moves from that one pole-dancing class at the Oakland YMCA. AJ and Meg end up humping in the shower; Liddy goes to bed alone after Jim asks her for sex through a series of grunts. Steve then twirls his moustache, muhahahas, and they all head back to the Jungle Villa cause it’s the final pool time!