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Don't be fooled by her pristine exterior, the actress likes to get a bit sweaty playing her favourite sports.She's a particular fan of hockey, tennis, rounders, and netball.19.Her favourite musicians are Justin Timberlake and Alanis Morisette.14.Watson is a fully trained yoga and meditation instructor.

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She attended both Brown University in the US, and Oxford University in the UK, in the completion of her Bachelor's Degree in English Literature.13.

She initially turned to the exercise methods to calm herself when her life gets a little hectic, but went on to earn her teaching qualifications for the subjects in 2013.15.

She has two cats named Bubbles and Domino and is a big animal lover.16.

It seems as if the former face of Burberry really isn't a diva.

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She likes to keep things simple with her favourite alcoholic cocktail which is a gin and tonic.20.

She holds a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certificate which enables her to go diving anywhere in the world.21.