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18-May-2016 19:10

Scott, a registered Democrat and Obama supporter, told the that he met with the candidate recently and found him best suited for president.According to the pastor, contrary to media reports, he saw no reason to believe Trump is a racist.“I was looking for some subtle hints of racism,” Scott said.“I didn’t see it at all.” Scott’s relationship with Trump reportedly began five years ago, when the pastor met Michael Cohen, one of Trump’s top executives, according to CBN.And when there are black “leaders” swirling around someone such as Trump, please believe that someone plans to get paid. Many African-American religious figures are fighting for justice and to improve the human condition.White prayed for Trump, saying: Father, we just secure him right now by the blood of Jesus.

The list of Negro preachers supporting the incendiary Trump — increasingly described as fascist by GOP elites and some conservative voices — has not yet been released.However, we do know that Darrell Scott, senior pastor of the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland, helped organize the group of black religious leaders coming out for Trump.A hundred black pastors and religious leaders supporting Donald Trump?There is likely no better way to ruin a perfectly good Thanksgiving holiday.

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The GOP presidential candidate announced that he will receive the endorsement of 100 black pastors and evangelical leaders on Monday.

This moves comes in an effort to broaden his religious appeal, and at a time when the Republican frontrunner has made statements pointing to both his religious bigotry and racism.