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A student at a Catholic school has suspicions when one of the nuns begins acting creepily towards her brother.

But she can't tell anyone, because who would believe that a woman of God would do such a thing?

Anna starts to message a handsome man until she starts getting disturbing messages that a match is close by.

A bitter and greedy retired businessman is killed in a mysterious fall, and his adult daughter blames his manipulative and creepy but seductive new wife, Samantha. Evan Tanner's life is spiraling out of control when his live-in niece is arrested for the second time, his boss imposes on him an unacceptable contract, and to top it all he discovers he ...

See full summary » High School senior MARK RICHARDS has never minded his overprotective widowed mother, TANYA, and is a good son to her as he prepares to go off to Princeton in the fall. See full summary » From the first time Zoe met her new teacher at St.

Adeline's Catholic School she knew something wasn't right with Sister Sophia.

Devon Werkheiser as the object of her affections is suitably tempted and repulsed by her.

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Sometimes it seems sacrilegious but then you have to remember she isn't playing a nun - she is playing someone impersonating a nun.

Was it the red lipstick and refusal to recite the Morning Prayer? A nut job obsesses about a singer student in a Catholic high school.

Or the way she eyed her brother Jason..he was dessert? So she pretends to be the new teacher / nun and sets out to seduce him. Yes it does but who cares - it's entertainment.

When Brooke and her boyfriend Lance are injured in a tragic car accident and Lance is left to be cared for by a beautiful but troubled nurse, it soon becomes apparent to the happy young couple that someone is out to destroy their lives.

When Anna has a difficult time getting close to people, her sister creates a dating profile for her online.Ji'Aire Donnell Lee, three (pictured left with his mother and right in a Facebook shot) died in May last year after Romechia Simms, now 25, pushed him on a swing set in La Plata, Maryland, for 40 hours straight The mother had been diagnosed with schizophrenia when she kept pushing her son on a swing set (pictured) for two days.

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