Who is michael schumacher dating

31-Oct-2015 14:47

It happened during a holiday with his wife and two children.

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But unfortunately a fall in a ski accident has broken him." However, he declined to elaborate on what he meant about "not good." BBC Sport also tried to reach Schumacher's official spokesperson Sabine Kehm regarding Luca's statement, but she refused to comment.

The Schumacher family is suing a magazine that claimed he had in fact regained the ability to walk, arguing for their right to privacy.

Last month, Kehm denied Bunte's, a German magazine, report that the F1 racer has managed "make a couple of steps" and "raise an arm." Kehm was forced to clarify the magazine's claims and has called such speculations as "irresponsible," as it pertains to the privacy of Schumacher and it could also give "false hopes" to the people around him.

The F1 legend's health condition has been the concern of his family and his fans for over two years, after suffering from severe head injuries after a skiing accident in France, December 2013.

The extent of the injuries sustained by ex-Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher during a skiing accident three years ago have been revealed by his lawyer.Felix Damm told a court in Germany that the former motor racing champion still cannot stand without the help of a specialist carer.