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13-Feb-2015 11:36

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Excellent news for you Once Upon a Time fans out there.

Michael Raymond-James (Terriers) is returning to the show for a visit, where he'll reprise his role as Neal Cassidy, according to TV Line. But how will Cassidy—who was killed off in Season 3—return to the show since he's, you know, dead? Details aren't out in the open yet, but Season 5B will see certain members of the Once gang touring the Underworld in order to save Hook's life.

And also time travel, long lost evil twin, cloning, shapeshifters, dopplegangers, a guy who looks just like the character, and retconning. Just to provide them perhaps with a way home that doesn't require someone to stay behind, which seems to be the rule (and I know Emma has some sort of split heart workaround of that, but I have doubts it will work as easily as she thinks it might). I have liked it all the way from the beginning, i like fairytales and a like creativity.

One other thing of note: TV Line's report is interesting in that it lays out how James' trip to Vancouver to shoot his scene was super top-secret, with the actor choosing to not stay in the hotel that most guest actors use, went incognito out of the plane in Vancouver, and filmed all his scene in a closed-off sound stage rather than a paparazzi-infested location shot all in order to keep the details of his appearance secret. And then just using the Hat might alert Zelena about a way back to Storybrooke and her daughter. Bringing this guy back for a little guest visit also seems fun.

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And of course there's also the popular reanimation technique of bringing a character back through a flashback. Hook isn't Henry's parent, and operations are for Henry and his parents. And for the love of God, the jail thing isn't nearly as bad as Hook trying to kill her whole family. If they're going to the Underworld it would be cool if the confronted some characters that passed. Interesting, I actually thought it might have been Sebastian Stan (given Marvel, Disney and ABC connections) as it might have been an easy enough get for him to have a day or two off and he can just have Bucky's hair.

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, which premieres tomorrow night at 10pm E/P on FX, down in San Diego.

Present while they were shooting the final episode of the season, I can’t really talk about what I saw, lest I ruin the show for everybody (which I have no intention of doing).

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While I am limited in that arena, I also got interviews with the cast of the show, the first being Michael Raymond-James.True Blood fans will remember him from his role as Rene in Season 1 of the HBO vampire drama.

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