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After attacking Henry on the 27th’s Heat, Chyna was chosen to be the special guest referee for a match between Henry and Faarooq on the next night’s Raw.Henry was dominating the match, but Chyna apparently found something very interesting to watch in the crowd. Anyway, Chyna wound up kicking a field goal on Henry and fast counting Faarooq’s pin. She pulled out some papers, read them, then tore them up while glaring at Henry.Great-ing Gimmicks of the Past: Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry, Part 1 – WWF, 1998-1999 History Like so many other things we’ve looked at, this started so innocently.The Nation and D-Generation X were at each other’s throats.After a street fight the week prior, on the August 24th Raw, the Rock had Chyna in the middle of the ring.After forcing her to her knees, the Rock made like he was going to kiss her.

As usual, Mark Henry was out with D’Lo, and Chyna was in X-Pac’s corner.On September 14th, Henry was in Owen Hart’s corner as Owen challenged HHH to an Intercontinental title match.Finally Chyna hopped up on the apron and kicked a field goal on Owen.As the match was going on, a man hopped the rail and handed another envelope to Chyna, which drew a grin from Mark Henry.

Fortunately for the Rock, he decided he wouldn’t kiss “a piece of trash” like her, and delegated Nation member Mark Henry to do it.

As Henry licked his lips in anticipation, Shawn Michaels hit the ring and then hit Mark Henry in the head with a chair.

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