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because of this, but Anya refused to be "like Mia", stating she'd rather be a popular follower than a happy nobody. They get back together when he tells her he loves her.

In Hungry Eyes, Sav asks Mia's help into how to get along better with girls and the reason for asking is not Mia herself but Anya. In Ladies' Night, Anya runs the Free The Children Freedom Fast to promote education and health in Africa. and Sav to get to know each other and become friends, by making them work together. That night, she makes out with Sav alone in a tent, with the idea of having sex to celebrate their 6 month anniversary.

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wrote her own report and only did it to teach Anya a lesson). Anya confronts Sav, and he tells her that it would be later on, saying he wants to fight for them. was trying to ruin her relationship with Sav, and wants payback. But when Anya returns to school, everyone asks her and she claims they are waiting, and that she was home sick watching soap operas.Mia really believed that Anya was going to stop hanging out with Holly J. that later on in life, he is going to have an arranged marriage. Later before going away on a camp for the weekend in With or Without You, Anya breaks up with Sav, as he had yet to introduce her to his family.