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It’s doing nothing to make us see the pattern of gendered violence that plagues our country, year in, year out.

But that awe and fascination isn’t helping journalists write about, nor the public better understand, sexual assault.

A lot of Canadians love him for his views, interviews, and radio voice. “Oh, I thought it was more complicated, like Carafalooota,” he said. A few minutes later, the concert was over, and my party and I left. Actually, truth be told, I’ve never listened to his show, but still, I appreciated him as a talented radio personality. Nervous and trying to avoid eye contact with him, I proceeded to talk about nothing in particular for the next 20 minutes with such speed, he might have thought I had just done an eight ball in the bathroom. “You can stop here.” We were a block from my apartment and there was no way he was going to know my address. Have a good night.” He leaned in and I avoided his lips by giving him a half-hearted hug, but he still managed to peck the side of my pursed mouth as I was turning to get out of the car. I had a hot shower to remove his gross cologne stench, which had stuck to me like an airborne virus. “If you’re late for work, blame it on me ;)” I didn’t reply to Keith’s text, thinking that he would take the hint; but based on past experience I should have known Keith does not a hint take. He even went so far as to promise that he looks better with TV makeup on, like that would make a difference. Clearly being a C-list Canadian celebrity hadn’t afforded him any “game.” He finally stopped texting, but every time his name came up in conversation, or I saw his face in an ad, I cringed. I’ll stop making Arrested Development references now. Jian Ghomeshi, who is the popular host of the CBC morning show Q – which is syndicated to 180 markets in the United States and Canada – was fired from his job.

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It’s seen as a random act here, a random act there. Perhaps worse, there’s often relief expressed when a woman is killed and it’s confirmed that the suspect is her estranged husband, boyfriend, or the father of her kids.

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