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When Logan and Burkett began their affair in Baghdad, he was married and she was in a relationship. “I knew him for about six years before we got together,” she told The New York Times in a soft-focus feature in 2012.

If your level of outrage over Lara Logan’s botched 60 minutes piece on Benghazi has reached the point that you would take pleasure in watching those responsible undergo a diabolically sadistic form of psychological torture, then you should check out Newsweek editor Jeff Stein’s latest piece "Lara Logan’s Mystery Man." In his brilliant hit piece, Stein uses as a starting point his investigation of Lara Logan’s husband, Joseph W. While he holds Burkett’s feet to the fire, Stein brilliantly eviscerates Lara Logan, 60 Minutes, CBS News, and puts them on notice that until they take responsibility for their journalistic malpractice and punish those responsible, they will continue to suffer long-term collateral damage to their professional reputations. Stein simultaneously presents Burkett’s own claims to playing a key role in fabricating stories in the Iraqi media during the Iraq war next to statements of anonymous acquaintances who paint him as an egotistical fabulist with the same level of credibility as the discredited security contractor Dylan Davies on whom Logan’s piece was built. “He was an employee of the Lincoln Group, a now-shuttered ‘strategic communications and public relations firm’ hired by the Department of Defense in 2005 to plant positive stories written by American soldiers in Baghdad newspapers during the Iraq War,” the website Gawker reported.

Burkett, and the potential role he may have played in the discredited 60 Minutes Benghazi report: While Davies was the central on-camera personality in that report, the most interesting figure in this mystery was never on screen, nor listed as a contributor to the piece. Burkett, a former Army sergeant and onetime employee of a private intelligence outfit hired by the Pentagon to plant pro-U. The Gawker account also implied Burkett was a key operator in the covert action.

The piece begins by raising the question of how Lara Logan could have been gullible enough to believe Dylan Davies’ fantastic tale of his role in the Benghazi assault: Nobody at 60 Minutes has been fired or even publicly disciplined for its odd, inflammatory and dead-wrong October 27 story on the Islamist assault in Benghazi that killed U. ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. That mea culpa, however, left some large and troubling questions unanswered; the most important one is how CBS’s superstar correspondent, Lara Logan, her producer and other network news executives let security contractor Dylan Davies on the air with his explosive tale about what he did and saw during that attack.

Further on, the piece touches on the relationship between Logan and Burkett and Logan’s own statements that reinforce the view that she may have willingly set herself up in the role of gullible dupe in her quest to get close to her sources.

1) It sends a line drive straight at Burkett’s head, forcing him to either duck or attempt to catch the ball.

A source intimately familiar with Burkett’s family told Newsweek that he regularly suggested he was some sort of super-spook.

If he disavows his past boasts of meddling with Iraqi media, then he undermines his own credibility and professional pride, and on a personal level will feel humiliated and emasculated.

According to an internal company document obtained by Newsweek, the Lincoln Group specialized in producing films, news clips, and print stories in Baghdad that would be fed to the media through cutouts on an unattributed basis, making them appear as originating from legitimate news organizations.But others who claim to have known Burkett in Baghdad paint a starkly different portrait of the former enlisted man, one more akin to the role Steve Mc Queen played as a gofer for army supply sergeant Jackie Gleason in Soldier in the Rain.

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