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For example, as for me ( na-nun ), I love shopping as for mum (ma-nun), she hates it.Born on November 20th, 1984, actor Jeremy Jordan has been married to his wife Ashley Spencer since 2012.On the other hand, when a subject is mentioned for the first time, the subject particle is used, but later on in a conversation, this is switched back to the topic particle.The topic particle, is similar to that of the english "As for", and is best used in order to compare two things.

In Korean, there is a special verb which may be used in the event where you want to ask someone if they are someone....example "Are you Mr Han". For example, songsaenim-i ( teacher ) or maekju-ga (beer) give emphasis on each of these subjects in a sentence.

We would use -iseyo, and simply add this to the end of a phrase. For a sentence , "The man kissed the dog", the subject in this case would be The man.