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During the "interview" we learn a bit about Bonnie when she was a trauma nurse and we learn about how and where she grew up.We also get to know what Bonnie used as Barbie doll matrasses.Barry Levinson has won and been nominated for multiple Academy Awards as writer, director and producer of some of the most popular films of the last two decades, including Diner, The Natural, Rain Man, Tin Man, Bugsy, Avalon, and Wag the Dog. Robin and Barry wonder whether Miss Cleo is really the heart of CIA "intelligence" and why the press is going so easy on the Bush administration's crack down on civil liberties.

Plus, "beautiful" versus "bootiful," the "rodeo dial" phone as a marker on the technology timeline, and why Hunt seems to see Mickey Rourke everywhere.

This is definitely the most hilarious RW Audible interview out there!

Furthermore they talk about the Born Again Virgins Foundation, how to get kicked out of a Catholic girls' school, and the entertainment value in corrupting children.

Hunt reveals a talented singing voice, a penchant for Dean Martin, and her own Sammy Davis, Jr. The costars of Jumanji discuss how that movie could have been better, and Hunt describes her upcoming film, Anniversary (you'll laugh, you'll cry, it will change your life).

Hear about the German shepherd babysitter and an unexpected visit with Sammy Davis, Jr.

All of this, mind you, is done with both Chicago native bouncing in and out of distinctive Windy City accents.