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I think the bottom line is is that many of us need to stop looking for Celebs to be role models for glbt people and start becoming your own role models. LOL I mean, gay people are CLUMPED in with other categories that don't even make sense.

If you feel there needs to be more public attention to GLBT causes and a face you have to put on that face. Be ya own star, and out if you want to be.[quote]do you go around claiming to be straight, bearding with a girlfriend wherever you go? He says he is straight and shows up with a girlfriend even though he was on Dude Tube showing his ass. SMART and complex people out there really may not relate to the "gay community," choosing instead NOT to be labeled and put in with those with whom they cannot relate.

But it needs to be public and beyond any shadow of a doubt. i'm out to friends, and my fam my coworker know, common knowledge, I have never denied when asked but I don't talk about my sexuality on Facebook or social media sites... just because you live an honest and open life in ya day to day private life doesn't mean you have to tell EVERYONE. etc but they have a right to disclose what they want to or not.

R22 that isn't but other's on the list are out, just don't announce it. I don't think public figures just because their gay and glassed off have to be held to different standards than any of us. I have a public, local job but when i'm speaking to an audience, even if its a GLBT as it often is i'm not obligated to say oh yeah, i'm gay...

Its known that they are out in their day to day life but feel they don't have to make an announcement. Shallow, sex-obsessed, narcissistic, amoral, vicious and toxic? That is all it means, that is all it will ever mean.

I can't believe you actually rambled on with all that bullshit, you are trying to somehow be "deep" and failed desperately.

It doesn't have to be a press release, or an interview with milliions watching.

It can be as simple and matter-of-factly as TR Knight, Lily Tomlin, David Hyde Pierce, Pasons, and others have done it.

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Lesley Gore Bryan Singer Neil Sedaka Mario Van Peebles Prince Nipsey Russell Vin Diesel Arnaldo Andre Sherman Helmsley John Travolta Tom Cruise Alicia Bridges Paul Rubens Wayne Brady Robin Roberts Sam Champion Steve Bartelstein Ian Thorpe Albita R15 & R20: that is nonsense.It is lying and insulting when someone like Colton Haynes or Matt Lanter says they are straight and beards up with a girlfriend when there are photos of them online engaging in kissing and online sex talk with men. If someone asked me if I was gay I would say yes R20, if someone asked Matt Bomer that would get a nonanswer That is the difference between being out in the being in the closet, even if it is the glass closet.