Who is faune chambers dating

25-Sep-2015 00:06

In addition to their upcoming nuptials, the lovebirds have also collaborated professionally.

Chambers stars in Bentley's latest video for Bentley's latest video for "Greener".

"It's really special to say, 'My fiancée is in the video,' " Bentley said.

"I love using that word." Share your well-wishes for the engaged couple in the comments below!

[artist id="2366316"]Fonzworth Bentley[/artist], who spruced up scrappy thugs on MTV's "From G's to Gents," is set to enter a new chapter in his own life. The swagger guru also gave up the details of his suave proposal to the magazine's website.

The rapper and reality show mentor recently confirmed to Us Weekly that he is engaged to his girlfriend, actress Faune Chambers. While he's known for drilling gentlemanly qualities like honesty and forthrightness into his "G's" recruits, Bentley copped to deceiving his lady love about when he would pop the question. She thought it would happen on Christmas, but I did it right before New Year's," Bentley told Us.

"She said yes, and I was so excited." The "Everybody" rapper, who worked his way into the game as Diddy's dapper assistant and umbrella carrier, also revealed that he added another twist to the December proposal.

She has been married to Fonzworth Bentley since July 10, 2010.

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