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He recalls: “I walked up to Timothy Hutton when I was about 22 and said: ‘You stole that moment from me and my dad.

As a teenager, watching one of his father’s best performances in – Robert Redford’s drama about a disintegrating family – created angst within Kiefer.

A few years after it came out, he remembers meeting Timothy Hutton, the actor who played Donald’s screen son.

He thought about , the family drama starring Henry Fonda and his daughter Jane.

“That is the perfect film where it was done,” says the actor. An audience thought they got to have a glimpse into real life – although it was not their real life – and that was what I wanted to do.” , which features Alan Ladd’s young gunslinger coming to town in search of a quiet life but becoming embroiled in a battle between a homesteader and a ruthless cattle baron.

It was a desire that had burned within him ever since he decided to follow in his father Donald’s footsteps and become an actor, that one day he would star in a film alongside his dad.

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Sutherland was born, alongside his twin sister, Rachel, at St Mary’s Hospital in London.

His mother, Shirley Douglas, is a Canadian film and television actress who was married to Donald for four years between 19.

“I thought, ‘What if it was a son coming back and he has all the same problems? Sutherland Snr was excited about playing Reverend Clayton, who preaches peace and turning the other cheek.

He doesn’t want his son, who he has not seen since the death of his wife, to take up arms in a battle over property.

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After playing Jack Bauer for a ninth season, he was with Donald, now 80, when he “looked up at my father and I thought, wow, I don’t have much more time to do this”.

Over the course of a 30-year-career, Sutherland Jnr had yet to come across a script that he felt would be suitable for them both, so he decided to take the bull by the horns.

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