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After everything was said and done and I went home, I had to deal with my grandparents, my parents and family being disappointed in the way that I acted in the movie and its reality. LAURA RAMSEY: I act like any other 18 year old in Cancun. I’ll just have to take artistic license after seeing it? CHRIS NEUMER: “Dad, seriously, I was just acting with that guy! I’d wanted to do that my whole life: move to California and be an actress. He came from Miami to pick me up and I was going to go and I had no money at all.CHRIS NEUMER: Is there any description you can put to it? I had my best friend, an art student who totally understood my passion. Chris Neumer speaks to up-and-coming actress Laura Ramsey to get the inside scoop into her rise to fame and path in the future.Together, the two discuss spring break, the casting couch and losing out on roles because you’re too good looking.But you don’t realize, there’s cameras in every single part, everywhere.So you don’t even realize, the things that they tell you that are going to be on camera, but you don’t realize every place there’s going to be a camera. CHRIS NEUMER: Now, I haven’t seen that movie, but is it something like I’m going to see and be like, “Oh my God I can’t believe she did that! I mean, we’re all 18, there was free alcohol, and we were in Cancun. People don’t really know that I’m in it, or if they do they just ignore it. I like to talk about the things that I’ve done that I’ve actually acted in.

I’ll talk to Meagan [Good], and she’ll tell me, “Oh yeah, you have to talk to this girl.” And this girl ends up being best friends with that girl, and then she says, “Oh my God, I have this friend from New York, you have to take a look at this.” I don’t want to say it’s incestuous, but it incestuous… The only reason that topic came up was because I googled your name, and one of the top thirty things was something from , and you were quoted as saying, “I’m really naughty.And the people back home, it doesn’t mean I have sex with everyone, but I’m naughty!” They had a couple of different things like that, and I thought, “Okay, that’s interesting.” LAURA RAMSEY: It’s very interesting, I was also 18 years old, so the thing is, I’m from such a small town of 800 people, where it was so boring and there was nothing to do.She was my best friend in high school, went to college for art.

I seriously think I was trying to find ways to be creative. CHRIS NEUMER: Good Lord, I can only imagine what my life would be like if I was on film at 18. So that part of my life, it was a very crazy experience.So I got into naughty things, such as smoking cigarettes, drinking, going to parties, experimenting with different things. I got the opportunity to go to Cancun for free, everything was paid for.