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21-Nov-2014 05:28

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And there have been several rumors recently about the couple’s impending divorce. And there have been numerous speculations about the reason behind their alleged separation.

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But we have a source, who is dismissing all these ‘ridiculous’ assumption by the media.The informant further stated: “I am also hearing that Kevin and Mandy are breaking up because of the former’s work commitment and his love for animals. And Mandy herself is the manager of the Lion Park and her husband.So how can people say that he is breaking up with his wife because of his passion for animals?He has been researching native animals of Africa for years.

' Lion Whisperer' Kevin Richardson has always been in love with lions and hyenas and he is not scared to openly show how deep his love for these wild creatures is.But it seems like his relationships with all these animals are hampering his marriage with his own wife Mandy. Over the past few months, rumors about Richardson and his wife separating and getting a divorce has been spreading far and wide.