Who is dating joseph gordon levitt

09-Nov-2015 06:14

But even though the movie is all about sex, he tells Pride don’t think you’re going to be seeing any full frontal scenes.

Joseph, who is making his directorial debut with this film, explains why he decided to take on such a scandalous subject.

He has stated that he’s always had a “phobia” of “getting attention from girls for [being famous],” according to “I’m the sum of many inputs, mostly arts and sciences, which can make for some surprising collisions. I guess I should clarify that by skeptically, I don’t mean cynically. Cynical, in early English, denoted fault-finding, while skeptical means ‘to consider or examine’.

I’m skeptical because I love pushing limits in order to understand how things really work.

“I thought the idea of a guy, who watches too much pornography,” he says. “And a young woman, who watches too many romantic Hollywood movies, was a hilarious way to ask the question: How do the different kinds of media we consume impact our lives and our love lives? star who stole the hearts of millions of women across the U. The 33-year-old married his girlfriend in secret at his Los Angeles home on December 20.Most fans know plenty about him, but little about his new wife, Tasha Mc Cauley, and that has been by design.

Her intellect and skills include post-graduate degrees and a specialization in robotics. The dark-haired beauty is multi-lingual; she reportedly speaks English, Spanish, and Arabic, and has traveled to Antarctica and Cuba.This type of cultural and educated woman is what Gordon-Levitt has been searching for.