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20-Jul-2015 03:35

Also she is strongly in favor of everyone following their dream.

They trend something about Demi every day and they're just amazing.

I wish more fanbases could be like them, I don't even get why Lovatics are on this list.

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Having lived through that time and those amazing artists, they know when somebody has the goods and when they don't. You cannot even suggest that she needs to improve, or that she should write her own songs, or learn to play an instrument.That is what makes her fan base annoying, and why I was surprised to find them at only number sixteen.Lovatics are the best, truly, they are nice, protective and just try to help every people who suffer because their idol love them and believe in them the way we, lovatic, believe in her, she is the strongest and prettiest girl ever we just love her the way she is, love you demi!I Love Demi And I Love The Lovatics, Demi Calls Her Fans Her Family, And I don't I've Met Another Fan Base Like Them, They Really Good, Oh BUY The New DEMI Album, It's Amazing I have no problem with Demi Lovato fans.

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Jackie Evancho Fans It is quite obvious that the haters are jealous that a regular, everyday girl from Pittsburgh received the gift of such a beautiful voice.Jackie Evancho has received recognition from the grownup world, and is regarded as an equal by the world's greatest grownup musicians like Andrea Bocelli, Barbra Streisand, Sarah Brightman, Tony Bennett, and David Foster.