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30-Apr-2016 21:02

Here are some of the ways in which makeup can help us all in having self-esteem.We Use Makeup for Ourselves, Not Others It is a misconception to think that the way we present ourselves should be based on how we want people to perceive us.

Makeup is not a mask to hide behind, nor is it something that only the “beautiful” should do.

People with low self-esteem are those more often than not people-pleasers.

We are constantly facing images and messages from the media that tell us we need to better ourselves.

We need to be thinner, we need to be fairer, our hair needs to look “Salon perfect” all the time.

Also, right from our childhood, people comment on the way we look, the way we dress and the way we present ourselves.Some of us get compliments all the time, while most of us have been criticized over some aspect of our appearance, at some point in our lives.

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