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21-Sep-2016 03:09

When you contemplate injecting autumn colors in your landscaping, do not forget about planting fall flowers.

People normally think of fall-foliage trees or shrubs with colorful autumn leaves (or perhaps perennials) when they ponder harvest-time displays, but annuals are an inexpensive alternative.

Growing fall flowers in the garden will enhance landscaping that is already graced by fall foliage trees.

But if your landscaping lacks such trees altogether, planting fall flowers takes on even greater importance.

You certainly shouldn't wait for autumn, itself, unless you live in a warm climate. On the other hand, even in the North it's usually too hot to plant through the first part of August.

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You may associate annuals with late spring (everyone gets the planting bug in spring), but fall planting is the mark of the true landscaping enthusiast, who begrudges not even tender annuals such as marigolds a spot on the autumn landscape.For a successful incorporation of such plants into the autumn landscape, however, you need to plan ahead (no later than August).