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That way, our local or national environment can be less polluted and our society can be more orderly - or democratic!- inasmuch as we oblige the entropy that we generate to be absorbed by others whose environment is thereby additionally polluted and their society is DISordered with heightened crime, authoritarianism, war, and other forms of social dissolution.

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The second period is the nineteenth and then hopefully also the twentieth centuries to which I am trying to extend the global approach of my last book Re ORIENT [1998] to which I hope to offer a sequel whose working title is ''Re Orient the Nineteenth Century." The third period involves my return to "Bronze Age World System Cycles" [1993] both to revisit them with more and new data and to try to extend their geographical range through more of Afro-Eurasia and their temporal depth into the 4th, 5th and if possible still earlier millennia.

[I would like also to be able to tackle a medieval WORLD history, which has never before been even attempted; but I fear that in my present incarnation that ask is beyond me, and I can only encourage others younger and better equipped than I to try].

My current research regards three time periods and is informed by two analytic devices.

One period is the present and future in which my focus is the NEW WORLD [DIS]ORDER.

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However, such changes involve not only deriving more or less benefits and disbenefits from participation and location in the system. also generate entropy in the form of ecological degredation and social and other disorder, such as alienation, crime, civil and political strife, and even war.

So a further source of welfare here is to lessen the amount and degree of entropy here below that which we ourselves generate by dissapating or exporting it to there.