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| See the playlist | Listen: November 5, 2008: Live Variety Show from Maxwells with Ira Kaplan, Peter Keepnews, Rudy Delson (author of Maynar and Jennica), and Carey Burtt (director of Mind Control Cults).

Every year our staff faces one of its toughest challenges — looking back at the events of the past year and selecting those Memphians who played the largest role in our city’s present and future.

Ken and Andy further lower WFMU's already abysmal standards as the program enters its death throes.

Stunt radio which subjects the radio audience to concepts and topics which mature adults should not have to endure. (Visit homepage.) August 27, 2014: New Game: We-Play-a-Familiar-Record-and-You-Sing-Along-With-the-Record-for-Awhile-and-Then-We-Abruptly-Hit-Mute-But-You-Keep-Singing-and-Then-About-Ten-Seconds-Later-We-Start-Playing-the-Record-Again-and-We-See-If-You're-Still-Singing-in-Sync!!

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| See the playlist | Listen: October 3, 2012: Live at the UCB: Author/comedian D. Pierson; artist/author/online baby replacer Chris Baker; and musical guest Chris Cohen of Deerhoof. | See the playlist | Listen: August 22, 2012: Live from the UCB Theater: LADIES NIGHT with cartoonist & writer Mimi Pond, science writer & bed bug expert; Brooke Borel, topless activist Moira Johnston & musical guest Sarah Lipstate aka Noveller.

| See the playlist | Listen: August 8, 2012: Live at the UCB Theater: Cannibalism Night with author & comedian Baratunde Thurston, Ethicist & Journalist Chuck Klosterman, and musical guests The Dotted Eyes, starring Josh Breckman!