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29-Jun-2015 09:50

I don’t want you to have the regrets that I have had for not being in your life more than I have been. In the interview, Bow Wow revealed that he had a ,000-per-month allowance as a teen.

Your Grandfather, my Dad, left me at an early age as well, it is time to stop this cycle.” Bow Wow’s dad also revealed that he thought that he and his son had been making positive steps to rebuild their relationship until the rapper talked about his father’s alcoholism and asked him “are you clean” in a video posted on He also seemed to be at a good place with balancing fatherhood to his daughter, Shai Moss, with his career. “I can’t even say I’m a rapper or I’m an actor,” Bow Wow said.

“I have to say I’m an entertainer because I do it all now.” Take a look at the video below to see Bow Wow talking about his life today.

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Bow Wow cited his mixed race as reason enough not to care.

At one point a follower questioned the race of Bow Wow’s dad, saying they had a picture of him.

Bow Wow fired back to ask if the person has ever seen his grandmother.

He also described his father as looking like “a drunk Cuban with no rhythm.” Fly boy right here though dawg!

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posted a series of tweets posted by Bow Wow, who said he doesn’t care about the upcoming election and prefers to stay away from politics.After saying that “all the world leaders are controlled by an upper power that no one knows about,” Bow Wow revealed that he can’t “rock with that.” But Bow Wow really irked his social media followers after one user reminded him that black people fought years for the right to vote and that he should care about that privilege.

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