White girl dating a nigerian man

28-Oct-2015 17:49

like when he told me his dad will not let him marry a american, we broke up for like a week because he said he didnt wanna break my heart in the future, and he compteplated for a while and said he didnt know if he was making the right decision because he loved me.He had made all of my hotel arrangements and even invited me to stay at his home where all of his family lives together. HE SHOULD HAVE COME TO VISIT YOU IN THE US FIRST, HE DIDN'T BECAUSE HE PROBABLY COULDN'T GET A VISA. NIGERIAN FAMILIES WILL USUALLY INSIST ON MEETING THE BRIDE'S PARENTS FIRST, BEFORE THEY HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH A WEDDING. PLEEEEEAAAAASEEEE DON'T GO BACK TO NIGERIA TO MARRY HIM. We also like to try to prove to ourselves, or to the world, that the typical scenario like "he just wants a green card," can be proven wrong, but once again, is that worth this 'huge' risk?His family is wonderful and he has a son who he takes care of along with his mom. We are perfect together and the night before I left to come back to the US we had a very romantic evening and he asked me to marry him and gave me an engagement ring. THIS GUY WILL SWEET TALK YOU UNTIL YOU GET MARRIED, HE GETS HIS GREEN CARD THEN HE'LL DUMP YOU LIKE YESTERDAY'S NEWSPAPER. It is your life, you are the only one who has to live it, just ask yourself what you are worth..We will be married on Valentines Day 2010 in Nigeria. I am with a Nigerian man, he already had his 'green card,' and I wont go on and on about how perfect and romantic he is because 'he isn't', it's only the ones trying to get something, that will put on a show.His mom is making my wedding gown plus all of the bridesmaids dresses and other african outfits for our honeymoon and making our wedding cake. He is a good provider, he deeply cares for me and it has taken time and understanding but I know he truly loves me but as I say, I have learned this from the 'real way' that he shows love as a Nigerian Man. He invited me to come to Nigeria in May 2009 and told me I would have the time of my life and I would never regret meeting him. he began the process of applying for a visa to the US but I told him to stop today because I feel he may be denied. This one is obvious, why would he go to the lengths of saying things like - 'I want to grow old with you' and why isn't he becoming defensive when you mention the 'green card' etc? If I as a person, never had such an intention to get a green card, then the sheer mention of it would really hurt my feelings??

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This is his first marriage and he wants a huge church wedding. Blesseddiva56 PLEASE RUN AS FAR AWAY AND AS FAST AS YOU CAN FROM THIS GUY. There are good ones, that's true, I even know a few, but even they tell me about the 'bad ones' and what they get up to.We talk on the phone each and everyday and I feel so loved by him and his family. I'M NIGERIAN AND CAN TELL THAT THIS GUY WANTS TO MARRY YOU FOR THE SAKE OF A GREEN CARD!!!! Try to if you must, meet 'one' there in the US who may even already have the 'green card'. I have been skeptical of this whole situation from the beginning. He invited me thers, but at the beginning I said no. Sorry to say, but firstly u should read your own post as though you are someone else.Just remember how many fishies are in the US sea, lol. I am as they say, a westerner wow this topic is very interesting,,, my boyfriend is Nigerian a igbo boy.we have our ups and downs, but i know he loves me.

You have no attachments, so go and find your true happiness, Smart Young Woman, you deserve it. to me its not just nigerian men you have to watch out for it all foreign men..signs to look for is if they wanna marry yu after a week or month.

i worked with this egytian guy who married his wife after a week. my boyfriend is very nice, and i know hes not using me, he keeps it real.